Bathroom / Washroom


We render a wide range of bathroom / washroom fittings and accessories to make these spaces aesthetically appealing and very functional. Most products are designed in a way that all functionality is achieved while keeping the same look and design across the various hardware components used.

From the soap dishes, liquid soap dispensers, towel rails, facilities for the disabled, various dispensers, all come in polished and satin stainless steel finish. The washroom panels are exclusive modular units which can be configured to suit the space constraints. They can be operated with a single key system which makes maintenance and operating the units user-friendly and simple. The dline range is in grade AISI 316 which ensures maximum durability and more resistance to effects due to moisture and dampness.

Types of Fittings: Facilities for the disabled, Modular Units, Soap Dishes, Soap Dispensers, Tower Rails, Washroom Panels.